Health Risk Identification, Ethical Impact and Quality Improvement Worksheet

Read/Review the following chapters/article:

  • Chapter 10 (you first read this chapter in Module 2) in your Ethics textbook
  • Chapter 7 in your Darby & Walsh textbook (pay close attention to page 83 and Box 7.8)
  • January 2019 Access journal article written by Linda Harvey and titled Quality Assurance: The Dental Hygiene Role

View the Health Care Facility Design Safety Risk Assessment Toolkit

  • Scroll to the very end (last sentence on the page)
  • Open “Access the toolkit here” (select the word “here”)
  • Select “How do we use the SRA toolkit” square (left side)
  • Select the “How: User Guide Tab” (green tab).

You should now have access to many brief tutorial videos on safety and risk management. Take a few minutes to view these videos before completing the assignment below.

After you review the videos, begin thinking about your current practice setting (if you are not currently employed, think of a past work experience/scenario) where you have seen possible safety issues that you are concerned about and want to minimize risk. Review the chart on page 83 in your Darby & Walsh textbook for some ideas. Once you decide on the issue, please complete the chart below including the steps and details below.

  • Copy and paste the “Risk Identification” chart below to a new word document and save to your computer.
  • Complete each box in detail (they will expand). Explain “why” you decided your response (each section should have a minimum of four complete sentences).
  • Submit the chart (as a word document) to the designated dropbox by Sunday, midnight.
    • An APA title page is needed for this assignment.
    • If you include additional resources, be sure to include an in-text citation and a separate reference page.

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