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1. Self Reflection Module 11

After taking the Focus 2 and DISC assessment in Module 11, reflect on the following:

Your Basic or Natural Style

Your Basic Style is S/CD.

Your Basic Style tends to represent your “natural” or “internal” state. It is the set of drives that affects how you view, interpret, and interact with the world. This is the part of you that happens “in your head.” In most cases, only you and the people very close to you will see this part of you. The bar graph attempts to represent the relative intensity of each drive in your style blend.

Your Adapted or Environmental Style

Your Adapted Style tends to represent the actual behaviors you have learned to use to be most successful in the environment that you were thinking about when you took the assessment. This is the part of you most visible to other people because this is the part of you that shows up in your behaviors (your body language, facial expressions, tone, etc.) The bar graph attempts to represent the relative frequency with which you use each behavior style as you interact and work with others.

Has anything changed since first taking the assessments in Leadership?
What has stayed the same?
Are you surprised at the results?
What do these results mean to you in relation to your career plan?
Do I feel like I am ready to be a leader?
Has my career path/hope changed since I started the program

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