Healthcare Compliance & Reimbursement Ambulance Services & Control Mechanism Discussion

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Healthcare Compliance & Reimbursement:Chapter 7 Assignment

Review Questions:

1.What are the bases for the seven levels of service used in the ambulance services fee schedule?

2.How can physician payments be adjusted for the price differences among various parts of the country?

3.What is the control mechanism the government uses on Medicare payments to physicians, and how is it applied?

4.Describe at least two issues that delayed implementation of the APC system for ambulatory surgical centers.


5.How is the “two-times rule” applied to APC groups?



Ambulance Fee Schedule: In February 2007, via CMS transmittal R1185CP, CMS introduced a revised Medical Conditions List to the Ambulance Fee Schedule. Download this transmittal from the CMS website and prepare an education presentation (a short, 1-page summary or a PowerPoint presentation). Include the importance of the Medical Conditions List, how the list should be used, and any precautions that ambulance suppliers should take when using this list to determine the appropriate level of service. Use the link below to access the transmittal from the CMS website.If the link is not working, try to cut and paste the link to the search bar of your Internet Browser.…

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