Healthcare Services

 Healthcare Services

Articles for the analysis should focus on GIS and any aspect of health, and should be peer reviewed and retrieved from one of the universities online databases or through an online browser search. All articles must be published during the 2019/2020 calendar year. The following three sections must be included in your analysis:

  1. Summary – This section will present the key themes and content of the article.
  2. Analysis – In this section, students exercise their own critical thinking to assess the quality of the article.
  3. Implications – Asks students to decide how the content of this article can best be applied. This could be both from a personal and a professional viewpoint.

Summary, implications and analysis should be 3-pages in length, with each section being fairly equal in scope and length. Use section headings in the critique to mark where each section begins. APA format. please don’t go over 3 pages it will not be accepted.


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