History and Economy of Latin America

Notes and Directions: To answer these questions, you MUST use lecture notes and information included in the group presentations and make reference to them. Something as simple as, “as referenced by the group presentation on indigeneity in Bolivia…. Yadda yadda, and so on….” That said, you can – and I encourage you to do so – use independent readings/articles/podcasts/books to develop your argument.

Your answers should represent a sophisticated understanding of the question in which you are answering. If you believe that you can excellently and sophisticatedly summarize your answer in one page, that’s great. (I would not recommend that strategy though). No matter what you choose, however, be sure to be explicit in laying out your argument and supporting evidence in a clear and concise fashion and cite your sources.

Write two separate 3 paged essays with works cited for each and on each subject below, use the provided attachments and pictures as sources and include outside sources as well.

1) The history of Latin America has been one of failed attempts to overcome corruption, underdevelopment, and instability. Its colonial past and the last two centuries seem to have such negative weight that it appears very unlikely that the region can, in the twenty first century, overcome this past. True or false? Based on readings, presentations, and lectures please comment on this statement providing at least two countries as examples to support your argument.

2) Suppose you are a president of a Latin American country and you need to place your country in a sound development path. You will have at least two available different economic policies: a more socialized, strong-state economic policy or a neoliberal approach to politics. Which one would you choose, and why? What are the ups and downs of each? Please provide a discussion of both approaches so you can justify your choice

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