History & Islamic Civilization Essay

Can you help me understand this History question?


  • Answer the following three questions by reviewing the lectures so far and submit them on the Blackboard by the due date.
  • You may do this activity as a group or individually, but everyone must submit their answers separately on the Blackboard
  • You may answer in bullet points or by writing a short passage.


Answer the following questions. (Both questions are based on class lectures/discussions.

  • What are the social and political significances of monotheism (tawhid)? Give at least one example for each.
  • How did migration (hijrah) contribute to Islamic civilization?
  • Was the Battle of Badr a planned attempt on the part of the Muslims? Explain your opinion by mentioning which historical interpretation you refer to in this regard.
  • Please see attached the full text of the ‘constitution of Madinah’ in English. You may also find the Arabic version through a quick online search. Review the document and answer the following question.
  • What can you tell about this document if you apply source-critical approach to it (see Lecture 1)? For example, what would you say about ‘when’, ‘who’, ‘where’ regarding this document?


Format: 15%

Clearly formatted text according to the specified number of words with 12 font-size and 1.5 spacing.

Coherence: 40%

Writing shows clear understanding of the central issue/theme.

Presentation: 20%

Writing explains the issue with consistency by presenting examples and evidences (examples and evidence can be from your life experiences)

Language: 10%

Less than 3 errors in either or both, the spellings and the grammar

Plagiarism: 15%

Not more than 15% of the writing is found to be plagiarized. (30% or above ratio of plagiarism would disqualify the submission)

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