History of The Minstrel Show

1. In 8 sentences, please explain what you see in the two photographs below referring to this week’s reading. The excerpt cited below could be a good starting point for such reflection.“It becomes impossible to talk about a common culture in the fuller sense without talking about who is defining it, within which set of interdependencies and power balances, for what purposes, and with reference to which outside culture(s) have to be discarded, rejected or demonized in order to generate the sense of cultural identity.” (Featherstone  1990: 11) 

2. This week we look at the whole Gates arrest issue and its aftermath. Did the Commission report succeed? Did the report have any long term impact? Write 400 words

3. For EACH video listed below, write two paragraphs summarizing what you took away from them.  NUMBER YOUR ANSWERS. 

1)  A Brief History of The Minstrel Show


  1. “Jump Jim Crow” by Thomas “Daddy” Rice


  1. Race Melodrama and Minstrel Shows:


4)  Banjo History and Culture


  1. www.craftinamerica.org. Jim Hartel minstrel banjo and Rhiannon Giddens segment. MUSIC episode PBS premiere: November 20, 2015.


6)  “Hard Times” and “Camptown Hornpipe” performed by Rhiannon Giddens, Banjo


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