History of the US before 1865 The Native Americans Essay

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you may choose to do ONE of the following:

Option A:
Choose any primary source from Voices of Freedom and write a paper that addresses one of the following:
–Westward Expansion
–Native Americans
–labor (free white labor and/or enslaved labor)
–efforts for social change

Option B:
Choose any primary source from Voices of Freedom and use it to build on a Response Paper you wrote for a previous Module. For example, if in the last Discussion you addressed slave owner paternalism, you could John L. O’Sullivan’s Manifest Destiny in Chapter 13 of Give Me Liberty! and discuss the various ways in which slavery and Manifest Destiny were related.

Option C:
Choose any primary source from Chapters 13 or 14 of Voices of Freedom and any primary source from any other chapter in Voices of Freedom and write a response paper on the topics they address. The topics that each source addresses should be related to each other.


Your paper should be at least 250 words long (but should probably be longer if it’s going to fully address the topic).

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