Hospital Services in The United States

The Expansion of Hospital Services in The United States


Select one of the following questions for your initial post, which is due before Thursday evening at 11:59 pmEST. Please copy and paste the question at the beginning of your initial response so everyone knows which question you are answering. Be sure to include a properly formatted citation from your textbook and a peer-reviewed source for your initial post. The post should be at least 300

  • Do you think any of the stages of hospital evolution is more important than another? Explain your reasoning.
  • Select one challenge facing hospitals located in rural areas. Describe the challenge and propose a solution to that challenge.
  • What is a public hospital? Discuss the statement, “Not all public hospitals serve the general public.”
  • Discuss the expansion of hospital services in the United States.
  • What is the difference between a general hospital and a specialty hospital? As a general rule, do general hospitals provide services that are of an inferior quality than those pro­vided in specialty hospitals?
  • Explain the two main principles of ethics. Explain the composition and role of an ethics committee.


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