How Poverty Impacts Early Childhood Development Presentation

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(Grammar errors will result in a rejected paper)

(Native like English writing skills required)

(Brochure + Powerpoint, Apa Format)


Subject of the paper: The subject of both the brochure and the powerpoint should the way poverty impacts early childhood development

Requirement: Create a brochure and presentation(ppt) of the issues related to impact of poverty on early childhood development.
A risk factor that would contribute to a child needing early intervention.

*Here provides information on the risk factor.

What is it?

What causes it?

What are the impact(s) on children, families and the community?

How can intervention help?

*Info on risk factor




Prevention (if possible)

Identify the local early intervention provider (who can provide support)

Identify other agencies who may support the child, family, etc

*Creates a brochure using technology(word templates provided in the files)
*Is early intervention provider listed? Contact information? Ways they can help?

REFERENCES:DPH operational standards…

Other information: In the attachment section you can find some brochure examples and the rubric for this paper.


  • APA Format
  • No plagiarism is accepted (people are checked through two different systems for plagiarism)
  • Only academic resources should be used, no older than 5 years old
  • Adhere to the requested number of words/pages
  • No Grammar errors (refunds will be asked for incoherent/ full of grammar errors papers)

*** Coherent and correctly written papers are the only ones accepted***

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