Human Genetics Analyzing a Karyotype Biology Lab Report

Human Genetics Analyzing a Karyotype Biology Lab Report

In this activity, you will examine prepared slides from cross-section of anthers, from the lily flowers. The lily flower has six anthers surrounding one carpel. Each anther has two pair of microsporangia (pollen sacs). In these microsporangia, you can see the stages of meiosis as the male gamete (pollen) is formed.

Go to: (Links to an external site.)

  1. Review the information on meiosis on the left and scroll all the way to the bottom of the left panel to click on Begin assignment. In Part 1, review the stages of meiosis and then click on Begin Part 2.
  2. Identify the different stages of meiosis. Select Click here to begin. The cross-section of a lily anther in the early stages of meiosis will appear on the right side of the screen. Click on one of the microsporangia to magnify the image of that area and then identify the stage of meiosis the cells are in. Take a screen shot.
  3. In Meiosis II, all the cells in a microsporangium will not be in the same stage of division. Therefore, images of single cells are shown. Click here to load the stages of Meiosis II. Click on the cell and then identify its stage of division. Take a screen shot.
  4. Upload two screen shot images of you doing Part 2 and Part 3. There is no need to complete Part 4.

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