I Wanted to Be in The Healthcare Field Since I Was a Child

 I Wanted to Be in The Healthcare Field Since I Was a Child

Initial Post:

In this discussion, you will examine the importance of culture and personal beliefs on population health and explore your cultural sensitivity. Following the example of the timeline on page 6 of Chapter 1 of Cultural Sensibility in Healthcare: A Personal & Professional Guidebook, identify three situations in your timeline that led you to a career in healthcare. Then, list five influences on your life that may inform your cultural sensitivity. How have you used cultural sensitivity to avoid a cultural clash in your personal or professional life? Why is it important for individuals working in health professions to be culturally sensitive? How can cultural insensitivity impact healthcare systems?

Response Posts:
When responding to peers, reflect on the shared and differing experiences leading to your careers in healthcare. What strategies for increasing cultural sensitivity can you share with your peers?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubricdocument.

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