Impact of Today Media on Racism

We are in such a unique, unprecedented time during this pandemic. There is A LOT going on in the media, especially with the strong #BlackLivesMatter movement (and its associated calls for change). So, please watch these two brief comedy show intervie

The first is a Daily Show Interview by two mixed-race men (they talk specifically about this),The backlash of the noose incident was that Mr. Wallace (and Black people in general?) are over-reacting. Listen to story from the actual person who experienced it.

Then watch this comedy interview between two white men discussing race and racim

Answer the following questions:

1. Choose one of the media theories (, you can find them in unit 2, topic 4) and apply it to these two interviews. How do media add to or take away from race equality and racism? Did you see a difference between these interviews because the race of the speakers were different?

2. What does it mean that these comedy shows are getting serious about race and racism? How does this content compare to news reports?


3. Of all of the lecture content, what did you enjoy the most or learn from the most?

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