Information Technology and Organizational

Information Technology and Organizational

Learning Managing Behavioral Change

in the Digital Age Third Edition



Information Technology and Organizational

Learning Managing Behavioral Change

in the Digital Age Third Edition

Arthur M. Langer



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Fo r e w o r d xi Ac k n o w l e d g m e n t s xiii Au t h o r xv I n t r o d u c t I o n xvii

c h A p t e r 1 th e “ r Av e l l” c o r p o r At I o n 1 Introduction 1 A New Approach 3

The Blueprint for Integration 5 Enlisting Support 6 Assessing Progress 7

Resistance in the Ranks 8 Line Management to the Rescue 8 IT Begins to Reflect 9 Defining an Identity for Information Technology 10 Implementing the Integration: A Move toward Trust and Reflection 12 Key Lessons 14

Defining Reflection and Learning for an Organization 14 Working toward a Clear Goal 15 Commitment to Quality 15 Teaching Staff “Not to Know” 16 Transformation of Culture 16

Alignment with Administrative Departments 17 Conclusion 19

v i Contents

c h A p t e r 2 th e It d I l e m m A 21 Introduction 21 Recent Background 23 IT in the Organizational Context 24 IT and Organizational Structure 24 The Role of IT in Business Strategy 25 Ways of Evaluating IT 27 Executive Knowledge and Management of IT 28 IT: A View from the Top 29

Section 1: Chief Executive Perception of the Role of IT 32 Section 2: Management and Strategic Issues 34 Section 3: Measuring IT Performance and Activities 35 General Results 36

Defining the IT Dilemma 36 Recent Developments in Operational Excellence 38

c h A p t e r 3 te c h n o l o gy A s A vA r I A b l e A n d re s p o n s I v e o r g A n I z At I o n A l d y n A m I s m 41 Introduction 41 Technological Dynamism 41 Responsive Organizational Dynamism 42

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