Internal Migration and External Immigration

  • Each Student Will Research his/her Family’s Background.

A. Either paternal or maternal side of the family, or both may be used in this project.

B. Each student MUST utilize one or more of the following available genealogical data bases:

  1. (This service is free at most county libraries.)
  2. (This site will ask you to register and will then e-mail you a password.)
  3. (This site has over 6,000 data sites)
  4. (This site is operated by the Mormons. It contains a remarkable amount of information.)
  5. U.S. Federal Census
  • Helpful Historical Information and Guideline (Please feel free to include your own questions.)

A. Place of Embarkation

  1. Birthplace
  2. Year of embarkation (Age at the time of departure)
  3. Age he/she left homeland
  4. People he/she traveled with
  5. Name of the ship
  6. List of possessions
  7. Occupation or occupation of parents

B. Place of Entry (Did he/she experience Ellis Island?)

  1. Initial place of residency in the U.S. (Check U.S. Census Records)
  2. Occupation in U.S.
  3. Permanent place of residency (What type of neighborhood?)
  4. Marriage status
  5. Number of children
  6. Educational level
  7. Did your family participate in an internal migration experience (Great Migration)?
  • Internal Migration and External Immigration

A. Reasons for Leaving Original Homeland or Region in the U.S.:

  1. State of economy ?
  2. Political climate?
  3. Natural disasters ?
  4. Overall condition?
  5. Was there hunger?
  6. Religious persecution?
  7. Systematic racism?

B. Reasons for Migrating.

  1. Family connections
  2. Promised job opportunities
  3. Educational opportunities for children
  4. Other

C. Conditions in the U.S.

1. What was the prevailing economic and political climate in the U.S.?

2. Were there organized efforts to prevent immigration or migration at the time of his/her arrival?

3. How was he/she and others treated?

  • First Generation

A. Internal or External Immigration Experience

  1. Place of residency
  2. Education level
  3. Marriage status
  4. Children
  5. Religion, if any.
  6. Etc.
  • Term Paper Requirements

1. Each student must submit an acceptable paper to receive a passing grade in the course.

2. The assignment must be at least five pages and no longer than seven pages.

3. The paper must be double-spaced with standard margins with 10-12 point type.

4. Each paper must include cover sheet with your name and course number.

5. The Term Paper will compromise 10 percent of your course grade.

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