Introduction to Biology Identification of Unknown Substances Lab Report

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Do the lab and fill out the document labeled “lab document” attached below, use the other document labeled exercise 2 attached for additional info.

In this exercise, you will identify three unknown substances by using the data I gathered in Exercise 2. (attached below)




  1. Locate the three unknown samples and examine them closely.

Note: You have already developed a set of hypotheses in Exercise 2, question 4. Refer to these hypotheses as needed.

  1. Design an experiment to determine the identity of the unknowns using at least 3 methods of identification. Record the steps that you will take in Panel 1: Experimental Methods.
  1. Determine the appearance, scent, mass(g), behavior in water and behavior in vinegar for unknowns 1–3.
  2. Record all data in Data Table 7.
  3. Based on the data you collected, draw a conclusion about the identity of each substance.

Note: Refer back to the data you collected in Data Tables 2–6 to help in your identification of the unknowns.

  1. Record your conclusions in Data Table 7.

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