Investigating the Renewable Alternative Energy Albedo Feedback

 Investigating the Renewable Alternative Energy Albedo Feedback

Directions– You will choose oneof the alternative sources of energy mentioned in this week’s lectures (solar, wind, hydroelectric, biofuels, etc.) and discuss at least 3advantages of this resource in a minimum3 paragraph (or more) essay. You should discuss 1-2 disadvantages of your chosen source, as well. For your paper, at least 3scholarlyresources (journals, online science magazines, etc. must be used and cited in a Reference List. Wikipedia and yahooanswers are NOT scholarly resources!!

Ensure that you closely follow Allen’s academic integrity policy and DO NOT plagiarize.

Alternative Energy Persuasive Paper Rubric

Introduction Paragraph 5 points

  • Opening sentence catches the reader’s interest.
  • Discussion of the use of fossil fuels and how they are detrimental to the environment
  • Background information clearly explains how chosen type of energy works.
  • Strong thesis statement establishes the type of energy and the three main advantages to be discussed in the essay.


Body Paragraphs – Advantages and Disadvantages 10 points

  • Topic sentence establishes main idea (specific advantage or disadvantage) of the paragraph.
  • Advantages are effectively supported by facts and information from research.
  • Supporting ideas are clearly presented with details and explanation.
  • Possible disadvantages are discussed, but overall tone of paper is in support of chosen energy.
  • Concluding sentence sums up paragraph and makes a smooth transition to next body paragraph.
  • A minimum of 8 sentences per body paragraph.


Conclusion Paragraph 5 points

  • Thesis statement is restated.
  • Summarizes main points of body paragraphs.
  • Ends with a strong final thought (call to action).


Works Cited/ Reference Page 5 points

  • All sources are correctly documented. APA or MLA format should be used(Contact your instructor if you need assistance with this).
  • At least 3 scholarly sources (journals, online science magazines, etc.) are used.
  • In text-citations are appreciated, but not required.

After you have completed that, the second part is short. please read and follow all directions:

Here is a new word for you: albedo. That is a term that refers to how reflective the earth is. White areas like glaciers have a high albedo, while dark areas like rock have a low albedo.

In terms of climate change, albedo is important because it affects how much of the sun’s warming rays actually are absorbed by the earth. It has been hypothesized that warming will cause a feedback effect where glaciers melt, which lowers the earth’ albedo (causing more sunlight to be absorbed), resulting in even more warming to melt more ice. what-ice-albedo-feedback

A few years ago, President Obama’s Nobel Prize winning energy secretary Steven Chu suggested we could combat global warming by painting our roofs white (raising the albedo of the earth).

Afterwards, some studies suggested that Steven Chu’s white roofs would actually warm the planet instead.

Your assignment here to explore the issue and take a stand.

Start with the websites above, and explore on your own. Form an opinion about what is going on here. Which side do you think is correct? Or do you think both sides are correct; that it is possible that white glaciers are good but white roofs are bad? Do you think there are ulterior motives present?

Your discussion can include scientific, political, economic, or other arguments, so long as it speaks to the disagreement.You should include references to other sources when you write.



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