Invulnerability Achievement Accepting Our Vulnerability

General topic: The term paper is a critical and argumentative essay, that is, a paper in which you

consider a philosophical issue or question, criticize one view of the issue, and argue for your own

position on the issue.

Specific assignment: Read A Fragile Life and answer this question: If you could take a pill that

would allow you to become invulnerable (in Todd May’s sense) would you take it? Why or why

not? Give the reasons for and against taking the pill and explain why you would or would not

take it. Would you take the pill if it made you temporarily invulnerable? Would you take the pill

if it made you invulnerable for a lifetime? Would it be better to take a pill for instant

invulnerability or would it be better to gradually become invulnerable through Buddhist or Stoic


Requirements: The term paper should be 5 to 7 pages typed and double-spaced in Times New

Roman (or equivalent) 12-point font. Longer is fine, but shorter is not. Do not mess around with

margins. Do not even think of plagiarizing! Staple the paper once in the upper left-hand corner.

No title pages, covers, or other excess baggage. Your name should be on the first page only. No

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