Irvine Globalization, Ethics in Business & Differences in Culture

Chapter 1: Globalization

Chapter 2: National Differences in Political, Economics, and Legal Systems

Chapter 3: National Differences in Economic Development

Chapter 4: Differences in Culture

Chapter 5: Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability

Chapter 6: International Trade Theory

Your Assignment


This part of the assignment involves students posting to the discussion forum. In this assignment, we will take some time to reflect upon what we have read (and researched) since the start of this course, and then share our insights. In our discussions we have covered various topics that we tried to relate to our assigned company. Your first key learning assignment is:

“Thinking back on all that you have learned, what is it (that you learned) that will be most useful to you, and why?“

Just a note: For our assignments please be sure to provide sufficient detail Scores are computed using this grading rubric:

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