Issue Spotter and in the Supreme Court

 Issue Spotter and in the Supreme Court

Issue spotters are questions set by the instructor asking for the specific State Law and a full analysis of the issue and questions presented. This will require outside research – for the work cited at the end, you have to put the link that direct to the website where you got the information from, please do include the name of the case (or at least a foot end note) which you will use the information in the work. Issue Spotters must be well written and thought out.

Sally is a repair person for AMC Inc.. The job requires traveling to remote areas to make repairs to windmills, transmission towers, and power stations under any conditions. Sally has had the job longer than other employees. Sally applies for a promotion to a supervisory position that requires constant communication with others in the field. AMC Inc. rejects the application on the ground that Sally is hearing impaired and she has requested a sign interpreter as an accommodation.

AMC Inc. acknowledges that Sally is otherwise qualified, but asserts that it “needs someone who does not have a hearing problem.” Sally files a suit against AMC Inc. under the Americans with Disabilities Act (federally) and the Human Rights Commission in WA. What is the issue(s), and what are the relevant considerations on which its resolution depends? Find a case involving a hearing impairment and the ADA or the state law against discrimination and then compare it to the above case.

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