Itchy skin lesions

CC: Itchy skin lesions
HPI: A male patient who present to the facility with itchy skin lesions that has been present for few months. According to him, he noticed the lesions on his knees and is now extending to his elbows and scalp. He reports that the lesions are slightly itchy and this has been the case for the last three weeks. She is stressful since the affected areas are now becoming painful. He has tried to change the bathing soap with no change and has been using ibuprofen 400mg three time a day for the relief of pain. According to him, the severity is 7/10.


Medications: OTC Ibuprofen 400 mg PO every 6 hours and Ortho Tri-cyclin 1 tablet PO daily



Allergies: NKDA


Medication Intolerances: No history of any medication intolerance


Chronic Illnesses/Major traumas: No history of the chronic or major traumas reported


Hospitalizations/Surgeries: No history of hospitalization for HTN, diabetes, asthma, peptic ulcers, lung illness, heart disease, Tuberculosis, kidney problem or the thyroid issues


Family History: Mother is alive and diagnosed with diabetes. Father dead with no known cause of the death. Maternal grandfather, dead, diagnosed with psoriasis
Social History: he is an undergraduate and a retired teacher. Like working in the farm. Reports no history of substance or alcohol use. Lives with the wife and three grandchildrenStable and can perform his ADLs independently.

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