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CSR and Responsible Business Practices Policy Formulation including ESG Investing

You are a business consultant specializing in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and responsible business practice who has been contracted by an Automobile manufacturing company operating in Middle East region. The company also plans to expand its operations internationally including in several important emerging economies. The company has in the past been criticized by sections of community and been targeted by climate change activists who are concerned that its activities contribute to a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

The company has asked you to develop a CSR and responsible business practice policy for it, which while not disputing these concerns and risks, will focus instead on anticipated benefits including employment and economic growth. The company also wants the policy to emphasize on ESG Investment perspective (Environmental, Social and Governance perspectives) and its commitment to ethical and responsible business practice, engagement with stakeholders including local communities and small businesses, and shareholder value creation. You do not have to develop the CSR and responsible business practice policy in detail yourself, but your report should convincingly explain how the policy you recommend can achieve these objectives and serve the company’s interests more generally.


Your report should be based on your own, independent research and critical analysis, refer to appropriate academic literature including journal articles and relevant industry and government reports, and be supported with local and overseas real-life examples.

Word Count:

2000-2500 words

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