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Help me study for my Biology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.


You will use figures, like graphs and photos, and tables to show data in your lab report. These should quickly summarize your findings and highlight trends in your data. Answer these questions about your figures and tables.

  • How many graphs will you have? For each, tell what type of graph it will be (bar graph, pie chart, line graph, scatter plot…). Explain why you chose that type and what will be on the x and y axes. Indicate whether the axes represent continuous variables (like time) or a discrete variable (like treatment 1, 2, etc.). Will you have any tables? What will be shown in the rows and columns? Will the data presented be qualitative or quantitative?
    • Note: Sometimes this can be tricky. For example, pH could be something you measured using pH strips, so it would be a continuous variable. However, it could also be a discrete variable if, for example, you set up treatments for pH 4, 6, and 8.
  • Will you have any photos as figures? What photos will you include and what purpose will they serve? Will it be to show data in the Results or will it be to show an experimental setup in the Methods?
  • Post any remaining questions you have about figures and/or tables for your lab report.

Please note, it is understandable that your figures and tables are a work in progress. If you post and then want to modify your thoughts, simply reply to your own thread with updates. Also, after you post look at posts and questions from other students. Reply to their threads to comment on their plans and help answer questions. Let this discussion be a collaborative space to learn from each other.

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