Law Comparison Between Ethical and Unethical Companies

ASSIGNMENT: Write an essay in which you compare and contrast an ethical and unethical person, organization, occupation, or company.

Tell me:

Why you consider your subjects to be ethical or unethical. Describe the situation fully.

Who the affected parties are, how they are affected and the decision process if known.

Discuss the consequences of the behaviors.

Discuss alternative options which were available, if any.

How was cost or profit affected?

You should also discuss the situations from a utilitarian, rights, justice and caring perspective,

FORMAT: Four to Six pages double-spaced – no shorter – using Arial 10 or Times New Roman 11.

ASSUMPTIONS: you may make realistic assumptions to provide further detail to

your analysis.

COVER Both ETHICAL AND UNETHICAL SIDES: Present a careful and thorough analysis comparing and contrasting both the ethical and unethical.

I expect:

An Introductory paragraph

A paragraph discussing the ethical

A second paragraph discussing the unethical

A paragraph comparing the two and another paragraph contrasting them

The final paragraph should be a summary


(1) Thinking: well-organized essay with clear transitions, easy to read;

good logical flow, with each point following from the last; intelligent

content/analysis with no fluff or repetition;

(2) Writing: easy-to-read, short sentences, making clear transitions from

one point to the next / one paragraph to the next; correct grammar, punctuation;

use of exactly the right words – including prepositions, conjunctions, and longer

words and phrases.FORMAT: Four to Six pages double-spaced – no shorter – using Arial 10 or Times New Roman 11

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