marketing activities and strategies of a company that you will choose from the B Corps Canadian companies list

key marketing activities and strategies of a company


The purpose of this assignment is to describe and analyze key marketing activities and strategies of a company that you will choose from the B Corps Canadian companies list ( (See the detailed assignment instructions below.) You should aim for a B2C company from the above-mentioned list. Failure to do so will result in a zero mark on this assignment, as I will assume that you have not read the instructions and/or have plagiarized your assignment. Obtain information by searching for materials from the company’s website or from other public sources (library, Internet websites, academic and industry publications, etc.). You will be graded based on a written report you submit on Blackboard by the date indicated in the syllabus. Research Requirements Significant research into the company you have chosen is expected (4-5 sources minimum). Valuable sources include third party analyses in business periodicals and credible Internet sites, the website of the organization and insider interviews. You are expected to include at least one academic reference (that is, article in an academic journal). Tip: Conduct some preliminary research before settling on an organization for your project. This will help ensure that you will be able to find sufficient information upon which to build an analysis. General Format Guidelines • Cover page must include your name and ID number, course and section number, assignment title and date. • The file name should contain your name and the name of the company/product you are discussing. (for example, BrianSmith_ImpossibleFoods.doc) • 1000 words maximum, double-spaced (excluding references). • Use both paragraph-form and point-form as deemed appropriate. Presentation does matter! • Show clear application of terminology and concepts. • Clear and concise writing, proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and appropriate referencing of information sources (APA Style). Written Report – Requirements Introduction (5 marks) • Introduction includes a brief description of the company and the product you are focusing on for the report. Include also a short explanation about why you chose this company (i.e., what captured your attention?) • Explain briefly how the company practices socially responsible behaviour (i.e., what does the company do to benefit its stakeholders, the society and/or the environment). Analysis of the Marketing Environmental (10 marks) • Assess how the macroenvironmental factors (culture, demographics, political / legal environment, technology, economy, and social and natural trends) impact the marketing activities of your chosen firm’s product. (For example, we know that increased eco-consciousness is one of the trends within social factors. How can this impact the company and its marketing activities? Is the company doing anything to respond to this trend? The emphasis should be on analyzing how each of the environmental factors influences the company and the responses that the company has developed or might develop in the future to adapt to trends in the environment.) Please focus on the three most important factors for the company instead of covering all factors. Consumer Behaviour (10 marks) • Examine relevant psychological and sociocultural influences on consumer behaviour as it pertains to your chosen product. (Numerous social and psychological factors influence consumer behaviour. Major psychological factors include motivation, perception, learning, values, attitudes, and lifestyle. Sociocultural influences include reference groups, the family, culture and subculture. Which of those are the most relevant for the company and its product, and how do they influence consumer behaviour?) • This part should start with an explicit mention of both psychological and sociocultural factors you consider most important, and then proceed to explain in detail how those factors influence consumer behaviour for your chosen product. • Do not describe the target market in this section, as this is something you will do in the next section. Target Market/Segmentation (10 marks) • Demonstrate understanding of market segmentation by describing the product’s target market(s). This description should be organized using the bases for segmenting consumer markets (geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioural segmentation) to describe the target market, and create a rich and visual description of the typical consumer(s). Conclusion (5 marks) • Conclusion reviews key points; does not introduce new information. • Include your recommendations for the company on the issues you have examined and problems you have identified above. (Saying that the company should “continue doing what they have done so far” is NOT an appropriate recommendation.) Format, Writing & References (10 marks) • Research requirements met • Coherence of ideas in writing • Balance between various areas of report • Professionalism in look, style, and substance of report & use of appropriate terminology; objective and professional writing style (Use headings / subheadings to make reading and locating of major concepts easier. Demonstrate understanding of concepts through application of marketing terminology to the company / product you are analyzing.) • References use according to APA style (both in-text citations and end of text reference list) • References reflect a broad range of sources, which might include personal interviews, academic articles, textbooks, relevant and reliable websites, company documentation, published reports. • Use at least 4-5 references among which at least one must be an academic reference. For finding relevant academic references (e.g. research articles or reports) you may use or

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