Medical Ethics

Agree or disagree..100 min word


I really had to take 3 days to formulate my thoughts around these scenarios. I couldn’t find a conclusive answer/approach. I wouldn’t want to turn someone in need of medical attention away because they are unable to pay for the services. However, I do realize that the office is a small one. But small offices build better relations with their consumers/patients, right? And in regard to the rude mother, I don’t think it would be the right thing to do to turn the kids down because of their mother’s behavior. I also don’t think it would be right to try to discipline the mother for her previous behaviors through health-related situations.

1. In both of these scenarios, I am certain I wouldn’t make the call solely by myself. I would enlist the recommendation of a senior administrator, who may have had a similar situation. If not, just exchanging ideas might help solve the problem. I would also discuss these matters with my doctor(s). I think having their approval would be the safest route to take.

2. While regular check-ups are important for a developing child, it does seem the scenario with the 86 year old widow requires immediate and continuous attention.

3. If we absolutely must discharge them, I would advise them to contact the federal and/or their State’s assistance program. I might even have to find the contact information to pass it on to the 86 year old widow.

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