Metal Poisoning Journal

Metal Poisoning Journal

the journal is about metal poisoning

Make sure to include the following points in your journal :

  1. Definition of Metal toxicity or metal poisoning
  2. History of metal poisoning
  3. Testing for poisoning
  4. Specific types of poisoning
  5. Treatment for poisoning

Please note the following:

    1. Your journal must be not longer 3 pages A4 size.
    2. It must be typed using Ariel or Times New Roman.
    3. The journal must be written as paragraphs with titles and subtitles.

4. You must list resources at the end. (Web sites, book titles etc.)

5. This sheet should be attached to your journal.

6. Journals given the day after the deadline will receive minus1.

7. Journals received later than that, will receive zero.

8. Avoid plagiarism. (Copy and paste or direct internet copies).

the journal must have resources

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