method of communication.

Compare and contrast culture, ethnicity, and acculturation

Discussion: all main posts require sources. *****Please read.

Hi Class!

Research your topic:

All main posts require sources. (Responses: I encourage research in responses as well to connect points. Use examples in responses. Apply the material. Avoid general statements. Avoid repeating information)

No question is opinion based. Please support your points in each paragraph.

Cite in the text AND reference in APA. (They are different) Show where you are getting your sources from. Avoid long quotes. Do not copy and paste. Do your own work.



Critical thinking:

This is required in class. What do you conclude? How can you demonstrate your understanding? Full points are not earned by research only or by the number of posts you make. Apply the material. Use examples. Show your thinking and own conclusions.


Organize your work:

Please also organize your post.

If you need 3 examples, please label your examples 123.

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