Method of Excavation to Use when Recovering Artifacts Discussion

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Please generate a question from the post below. After, please write a brief description. Lastly, then response to the 2 student post.


Post to create an open ended question with a brief description: (50 words)

Archaeologists experience challenges like looting artifacts, ruining sites, and facing opposition to excavating archaeological remains. They also experience unpredictable weather conditions when they are reconstructing history. Archaeologists have enemies that attack and destroy artifacts like bacteria and strong winds. Sometimes they also do not have all answers because there are unresolved histories.


2 student to respond to: (50 words each)

Jonathan R.

How do archeologists determine what method of excavation to use when recovering artifacts?

As Josh Gross describes in an article on (cited in the description), the two major methods of excavation in archeology is the wheeler-box grid method, and the open-area excavation method. While one helps date the artifacts based on the layers of soil, the other requires precise measurements.


How do archeologists choose between the two methods? Will archeologists use different types of tools based on what method they use? Why is the wheeler-box grid method still extremely popular in South Asia, while it isn’t used as much in other parts of the world?

Trevor M.

What artifacts are considered more important than other?


For the quick take this week, Professor Camp says that she is going through a dump site. My question is, when going through a landfill, how can you determine which artifacts are more important than the others? Obviously every artifact is important, but there has to be some more important artifacts. Like, the newspaper that Dr. Camp found seemed to be very important, but what if there is no source that tells you what year it is? How do you determine what artifacts can help you the most?

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