Mitosis DNA Chromosomes & Chromatids & Cell Replication Lab Report

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I have altered the lab for this week….. Read the Pre-Lab Exercise 12:Introduction to Genetics and cell division.pdf, and read through Exercise 9 Mitosis Cell Division Lab pdf., but make the following changes to Exercise 9 for your report…..

Replace Part 1: Mitosis Simulation, with this activity I found on the website Bioman Biology: The Fun Place to Learn Biology. Just click on the link below. (Links to an external site.)

Open link, click on Genetics & Meiosis tab on left and open the interactive game “Mitosis Mover”. At completion of game, and there is a quiz built into the game, report the score received as part of lab report.

Complete Part 2Cell cycle time estimation, using the figure of the Onion Root Tip Mitosis pdf. to fill out Table 1: Mitosis data and calculations and then to answer the questions I ask below-not the ones in the lab itself.

So, for the Lab report. You will need to create a word doc or its equivalent(there is not Skill Check Assignment to fill out this week) and then answer the following questions. Submit the completed document to me- that is your lab assignment for the week.


  1. Describe four things you learned from the introductory videos ( 2 Amoeba sister videos and the McGraw Hill video) about mitosis, the cell cycle or cancer.


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