Model and VO2 Reserve Analysis

Model and VO2 Reserve Analysis

write minimum 350 words

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After reviewing the ACE IFT Model article:…

and Chapter 6 of ACSM guidelines (attached) discuss some the advantages and disadvantages between the following three methods for prescribing exercise intensity:

  1. Traditional intensity parameters that include
    • percentages of maximal HR (%MHR)
    • HR reserve (%HRR)
    • VO2 reserve (%VO2R)
  2. ACE’s IFT Model using first and second ventilatory thresholds (e.g., VT1 and VT2) based on the talk test.
  3. And the CPET which can determine actual VO2 and heart rate at VT1, VT2, peak.

Be sure to comply with Citation and Reference Requirements (1).docx (attached ), APA format, and minium 350 words.

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