Movie Review

Movie Review

Due on:

The threaded discussion will provide the student with the opportunity to explore different topics, share what he/she is learning with classmates, and gain clarity about the content. This assignment reflects student centered independent learning.

The student will:
• Apply critical thinking through participation of selected topics
• Engage in thoughtful discourse with peers
• Incorporate topic discussion into clinical judgment and decision making within the setting

Directions: Movie Review

Part 1:
• The original post must be at least 200 – 300 words in length
• Give a summary of the movie
• How was the older person and aging portrayed?
• Would you want the life that the movie projected of the older adult?
• What were your overall feelings after watching the movie?

Groups and Movies:
• Group 1: The Notebook
• Group 2: The Bucket List
• Group 3: UP
• Group 4: The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons
• Group 5: The Intern

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