Nasal cavity cancer and laryngeal cancer

Nasal cavity cancer and laryngeal cancer

You are a 2-year graduate of an accredited AGACNP master’s program. You are now a certified AGACNP practicing on a very busy inpatient oncology unit.

Your patient is s 45-year-old male with head/neck cancer. This is a new diagnosis, however, the patient has lost over 60 pounds in the past 4 months due to dysphagia, malnutrition, and intractable pain. He is currently NPO due to risk of aspiration.

Explore the 2 types of head and neck carcinomas that you will encounter as an AGACNP on this oncology unit. Describe the following: Nasal cavity cancer and laryngeal cancer

  1. Malignancy, cytology results, and type of cancer markers. if available.
  2. How this is cancer diagnosed.
  3. The key complications for which you must be watchful.
  4. How you will manage this unique and very difficult patient with regard to pain management, airway, cosmetics, psychological concerns, and nutrition.

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