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. it can’t be one that was previously used for my other submissions. It does NOT have to be from the OCLS library.

Link for video: Systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and real-world evidence: An introduction

My patient-centered problem is:

This past year has taken a toll on healthcare workers around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only are the remaining healthcare workers feeling the effects of staffing issues, but our patients are as well. The problem I chose to base my Capstone Project on is: “Reduce the employee turnover rate”. My current place of employment has seen an increase in its turnover rate this past year.  And over the next two weeks. My department will be hit extremely hard as more nurses have turned in their resignations leaving the unit with 48% of its staff.

With the increased workload we have taken on and having patients with higher acuities, the demands of nursing are causing staff to become easily burned out and leaving the profession altogether. It is definitely overwhelming when you have a 1:7 nurse-to-patient ratio. With ratios such as this on a busy med-surg unit, it can be extremely difficult to provide patients the quality care they need and can prolong hospital stays.

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