National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF)

According to the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF). There are nine core competencies. The first core competency is “Scientific Foundation Competencies” which uses science. And integrated research to develop new approaches to improve nursing practice. The second core competency is “Leadership Competencies” which provides control. And guidance initiating change while collaborating within the community. The third core competency is “Quality Competencies”. Which applies information obtained with evidence as a whole to ensure the highest standards. The fourth core competency is “Practice Inquiry Competencies”. Which promotes the shift of new information into practice to ultimately improve patient outcomes. The fifth core competency is “Technology and Information Literacy Competencies”. Which uses technology to obtain data aiding in the evaluation of nursing care.

Policy Competencies

The sixth core competency is “Policy Competencies” which emphasizes the existence of both a policy and a practice, ultimately going hand-in-hand. The seventh core competency is “Health Delivery System Competencies” which has relevance to applying awareness of organizational practices to enhance the delivery of health care. The eighth core competency is “Ethics Competencies” which highlights the consequences of one’s decisions.

The ninth core competency is “Independent Practice Competencies” which involves the ability to work independently and the act of being self-sufficient providing the foremost patient-centered care. My past, current, and future academic preparation meets these requirements because I use up-to-date factual information to support arguments, advocate for positive outcomes and change, support policies that promote quality, am aware of the significance of decisions, and can hold myself fully accountable for my decision-making. All of these core competencies are important as it relates to clinical practice because each of these competencies embody an ideal Nurse Practitioner.


NONPF (2014). Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies Content. Retrieved on August 24, 2021 from to an external site.

Response to this discussion 50 to 200 words and should be supported by up to date references in APA format

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