Natural Selection Discussion School

I need help with a Biology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.


You and 9 other individuals are crewmembers on a spaceship known as the Skeld. Two of the crewmembers are secretly killing off members of the crew while pretending to do tasks on the spaceship. One crewmember, named Blue, is found to be one of the killers. Blue’s son, Green, is also one of the crewmembers on the ship. The other crewmembers claim that Green must be the second killer. They make the argument that Blue resorted to killing to improve his survival on the ship (he would have greater access to resources). Since Blue’s behavior lead to increased fitness, his son Green would have inherited this serial killing trait.

Q1: Would you consider this a Lamarckian or Darwinian view of natural selection? Explain your reasoning.

Q2: Let’s say that there is a serial killer gene that can be inherited. Several generations of Blue’s offspring inherit the gene. On the planet base, Polus, one of the crewmembers (Orange) develops the serial killing trait due to similar environmental circumstances. Orange is not related to Blue. Is the development of the trait in Orange considered a homology or a homoplasy? Explain your reasoning.

Note: two question total has to over 250 words.Please don’t copy online directly.

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