Non-Pharmacological Treatment

Non-Pharmacological Treatment

SBAR report from the charge nurse:

Situation: Jared Griffin is a 63-year-old African American male who had a right TKA yesterday morning at 0800.

Background: Mr. Griffin has a history of osteoarthritis. Mild hypertension, and irregular heart rhythm. His last incident of irregular heart rhythm was 2 years ago. He is a carrier of MRSA and is currently under contact precautions.

Assessment: Mr. Griffin is afebrile and vital signs have been stable during the night. Pain level has been at a 2-3. He dangled his feet off the side of the bed yesterday evening, and the physical therapist has just been in to see him. He has been able to bend his knee to a 75-degree angle, and the goal is 90 degrees. His dressing was changed by the surgeon at 0700 on his morning round, at which time the drain was discontinued. His intravenous (IV) fluids have been discontinued, and the IV is saline locked.

Recommendation: The physical therapist has reported that Mr. Griffin was not feeling well aft

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