Nursing Leadership

The Evidence-based Pt. Safety Change Project Assignment Guidelines are found in the Assignment folder. This Evidence-based Pt. Safety Change Project Assignment.

Each student will provide a 10-15 page paper in APA style, (excluding title page, abstract, tables and references). The rubric is available so that you can plan out your paper with subheadings and required criteria.

A Patient-safety issue needs to be identified within an institution via an administrator. The student needs to provide an evidence-based plan of change for that identified patient safety issue. View the rubric for the criteria of the paper and plan. The final paper will be contain the criteria as per the rubric via APA style and uploaded to the assignment folder. The paper must be in Microsoft software or compatible. Do “not” upload a PDF file.

Each student will design an evidenced-based planned change initiative for a nursing practice setting (Nursing Home).You may use a problem from your current or past employment setting; but the paper must be your work with appropriate citations per APA guidelines.  You are encouraged to use tables and headings to present information in an organized concise manner. (No more than 12 pages of text, excluding title page, abstract, tables, and references).

(Nursing Home)



Excellent(Clear, accurate & comprehensive, All Criteria Present); No or up to 3 Spelling, Grammar nor APA errors



Good(Mostly clear accurate & comprehensive); Omits 1-2 required Criteria; Up to 4 Spelling, Grammar or APA errors



Fair(Somewhat clear & comprehensive), 3 or more of the required Criteria is missing; Multiple Spelling, Grammar or APA errors


Poor (Needs Major Revisions-not clear or comprehensive); Multiple criteria omitted; Assignment not submitted, OR assignment was submitted but plagiarism occurred




Identification of a patient safety issue and site requiring change


35 pts


25 pts


20 pts


15 pts





Selection of a planned change theory appropriate for the practice environment and incorporation of theory into plan.













Development of a plan for the evidenced-based planned change













Development of measurable objectives/outcomes to evaluate the planned change.









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