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Requirements for your Lean Operating Approach Paper
Responding to the following questions as your guide, please write your analysis and position about lean operating approaches. Please include a section on the key strategies that are necessary for a successful lean operating approach, the benefits of going lean, the issues associated with a lean approach, and the major challenges that managers will face when implementing a lean operating approach.
1. What are the internal and external forces pressuring organizations to implement a lean operating approach?
2. What are the benefits of a lean operating approach for the; * organization in general * executives * employees * other key stakeholder groups?
3. What are the negative consequences or issues of a lean operating approach for the: * organization * executives * employees * key stakeholder groups?
4. What are the major challenges that managers will need to deal with when implementing a lean operating approach?

Structure for your Lean Operating Approach – Individual Paper

• You should assume that you will be submitting your paper to your Manager at work.
• Your paper will need to look, business professional.
• Your paper should include an introductory page, three pages of your research/content, and a summary page.
• Submit your paper in a report folder with a transparent front cover displaying the appropriate title information.
• Please feel free to include extra attachments and supportive materials and data.
• The expectation is that you will use accurate grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
• Cite the names of sources you reference.
• Your paper is to be double-spaced with page numbers and a short title at the top righthand corner.
• Use Times New Roman 12 pt. font.

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