Optimum Nursing Home Interview Questions

Identify a large long-term care system within your community. (This may be a nursing home, a home care and/or hospice agency. An assistive living organization or a continuum of care organization). And arrange to interview their senior leader. Or administrator. Let them know that you are a student. And the scope of your assignment indicating that you will not take longer than one hour of their time.

(I had chosen “Optimum Nursing Home in Houston, TX)

Review any materials. And/or website about the organization/agency. As well as the following questions for your interview. Identify at least three more questions of your own to include in the interview. Be certain to probe the answers to these questions. To be sure you get the depth. And breadth of answers you are seeking.

Interview Questions:

  • Tell me about your organization. (Who served, services provided). How long you have worked here. And how you were drawn to the long-term care industry?
  • Explain your charges. And how your organization is reimbursed for care and services provided. 
  • Identify the challenges in long-term care reimbursement today.
  • How is the long-term care industry regulated?
  • How is your organization governed? Do you have a board of directors? Bylaws?
  • What do you find most satisfying about your role? Most challenging?

Submit your assignment by listing the Question Asked in bold followed by the Responses from your interview. Prepare 1-2 closing paragraphs for this assignment that detail your opinions. Based upon your readings and the responses from your interview.

Points Possible: 30

15 points questions all addressed with comprehensive responses 

5 points inclusion on three additional questions posed by the student

5 points 1-2 closing paragraphs with student’s opinions. Based upon the readings and interview responses.

2 points for demonstrating familiarity with the organization

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