Organised Crime Issues And Impact

Organized Crime Issues And Impact

  1. Essay portion (750-1000 words).

“Explain the intentions behind the 1970s US legislation known as “RICO”, how it works and whether it has proved an effective tool in the fight against organised crime”

Short answers (making up, together, 50% of the marks for this assignment overall)

  1. Explain the origins and original intent behind the motorcycle clubs that become known as “outlaw clubs” (5 marks)
  2. Describe and structure of the so-called outlaw motorcycle clubs and contrast them with gangs: which of the two structures is considered better for the purposes of organised crime? Explain with reasons. (15 marks)
  3. From the perspective of organised crime, does an outlaw motorcycle club differ from an American Mafia Family? If so, given 3 examples. (10 marks)
  4. Hells Angels are the best known of the outlaw motorcycle clubs and the most powerful” – do you agree and does the patchover efforts in 1994 in Illinois at p182 of Abadinsky support of weaken that view? [20 marks]

On the RICO essay, if you have access to Netflix, Operation Varsity Blues is the thing with the RICO use,

The relevant chapter in Abadinsky is Chap 13, see pp288-294

For the Motorcycle clubs, the chapter is Chap 9, pages 165-184

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