Organization Culture Exam Question

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For this assignment   you will complete a child development quiz it is  10 questions  and  it would be good if you had access to the book Fabes, R. & Martin, C(2009). c 2nd edition.  Boston:  Allyn and Bacon. I do not have the book.  You must get 8 questions correct.


  1. During late childhood, which area of the brain undergoes dramatic change?prefrontal cortexlanguage centersmotor cortexvision centers


  1. Which of the following statements is true?When children reach age 10, they need the same amount of calories and protein as adults need.Elementary school children don’t need to eat as many calories as younger children because they are growing at a slower rate.During the school years, children only need a quarter of the calories that adults need because these children tend to be very inactive.During the school years, children need to eat twice as many calories as adults eat.


  1. An estimated ______million people in the world live with AIDS today, of which _____million are children.3;120; 340; 140; 3


  1. Compared to early childhood, rates of being abducted and/or victimized by adults _____.are about half.double.triple.quadruple.


  1. Every  ____, a child in the US is killed or injured in a motor vehicle.90 seconds30 minutes90 minutes6 hours


  1. Chastity weighs more than ______percent of her ideal body weight.  As such, she is considered to be obese.5102030

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