Osmosis and Diffusion General Biology Brownian Motion Lab Report

I’m studying for my Biology class and need an explanation.


Let’s turn Lab around…

Here are the objectives for the osmosis and diffusion lab:

• To observe Brownian motion and understand its importance in diffusion
• To study the diffusion of different materials in different media
• To observe the effect of osmotic concentration on plant and/or animal cells
• To investigate factors affecting cell size

And here’s your assignment:

Select two of these objectives and create, find, research at-home demonstrations of them. Write up the procedure for each demonstration, complete with materials and method. For example, you might used hard-boiled eggs, so you tell us to place six eggs in a pots cover with water and boil for 10 minutes. Then tell us how you will do your demonstration with those eggs. You must also clearly state how the demonstrations exemplify the objectives you have chosen.

You should carry out the demonstrations in your own home (kitchen?) to make sure they work. You should take some pictures (or even video).

Remember, you must use things that are normally available at home. By the way, there are tons of examples on the web!

Finally, you should write this up in about one or two pages (with photos or video links).

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