Pasadena City College Anthropology Concepts & Questions

I don’t know how to handle this Biology question and need guidance.


Be able to match the following terms with their definitions:

  • Exon
  • Genotype
  • Heterozygous
  • Natural selection
  • Genetic drift
  • Intron
  • Phenotype
  • Polygenic
  • Mutation
  • Allopatric speciation
  • Allele
  • Homozygous
  • Heritability
  • Gene flow
  • Parapatric speciation


Be able to identify the following:

  • What happens in protein synthesis during transcription and translation
  • The complimentary mRNA codons for a DNA sequence
  • The difference between sex and gender & the biological factors that help to determine sex
  • How meiosis produces genetic variation
  • Key characteristics of the 4 Mendelian inheritance patterns (autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, X-linked dominant, X-linked recessive) and how to interpret pedigree diagrams.
  • The difference between homologous and analogous traits

Essay Section – Be able to describe and explain:

Select ANY two of six Essay Questions to answer (20 points each; 40 points total). Essays must be written in your own words and are graded solely on content (no in-text citations required, no points deducted for minor spelling/grammatical errors)

o How scientific claims are evaluated

o Two methods for estimating the heritability of complex traits, and at least two limitations associated with each

o CRISPR gene editing technology and the difference between somatic and germline approaches.

o The role of variation, the environment, and fitness in natural selection.

o The difference between the Neutral theory of evolution and the Modern Synthesis, as well as evidence used to support each.

o How fossil classification differs from that for living species, and at least one limitation of this approach.

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