Performance Improvement Tools Techniques Discussion

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In modules one and two you have been introduced to several different tools used for performance improvement initiatives. For this assignment, review the 4 scenarios below and indicate a PI tool or technique that could be used in each of the scenarios. Identify the tool and provide a description for each of the how the tool or technique could be used in the scenario to achieve improvement.

1. A HIM performance improvement committee wants to determine the priorities addressing the project at hand.

2. Administration has requested a chart showing the process changes that have been achieved from January to June

3. A revenue cycle PUI team wants to illustrate the percent of denials that are a result of a registration error.

4. A PI team wants to display data that will show if there are uncommon variations in the process.

In a WORD document, identify and describe the tool or technique for each response and a description that analyzes how the tool could be used in that scenario. Be sure to follow APA formatting and include a cover sheet with your name, the course name, the assignment title, instructor name and date

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