Peter Moves In With Family

Peter Moves In With Family

After experiencing a number of health problems. Peter (85 years old) has recently moved in with his son Joe and daughter-in-law Alyssa in an up-and-coming subdivision just outside of the city. In recent months, Peter has experienced a number of health concerns, including some falls and frequent problems remembering things. Doctors think Peter might be showing signs of dementia.

Lately, Peter has noticed that he has not been receiving his mail as he did when he lived by himself. Peter asked Joe if he has noticed anything about the missing mail. Joe assures him that when the mail is delivered to the mailbox at the end of their road, he makes sure to collect and open all of Peter’s mail to ensure it is handled promptly. This makes Peter uneasy. He feels he is completely capable of dealing with his own mail and does not feel that Joe needs to do it for him. However, since he has recently moved in with Joe and is relying on Joe to help him with some of his day-to-day tasks, Peter is fearful of confronting his son and hurting his new living arrangement.

a)   Do you see any signs of possible abuse? If so, what types of abuse? 

b)  How should you provide support services to an older person when suspected or confirmed abuse is occurring?

c)   How should you provide services to the client when the alleged perpetrator is

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