Photovoltaic Cell and PV Cell System Lab Report

I need help writing a lab report . I have attached what is required and examples. The lab sheet need to be completed as well

  • Purpose (10%): What was the purpose of the experiment? What were you trying to achieve?
  • Materials (5%): What equipment and materials did you use? How did you use them?
  • Method (5%): Provide a step-by-step description of the experiment
  • Results (15%): Present and describe your data and your Do not simply provide a table. There must be text describing your data and calculations.
  • Discussion (15%): Insights are provided into the wider implications of the results. Possible reasons for significant discrepancies are suggested and specific, practical ways to improve or extend the experiment are identified.
  • Conclusions (10%): Includes a summary of the experiment, possible sources of error, and what was learned from the experiment
  • Questions (20%): Provide answers to the five specific questions with enough detail to demonstrate your level of knowledge. This is a lab report and it requires more involved analysis than a homework assignment. The questions should be re-typed and your answer should follow after.
  • Original Data Sheet (10%): You must include your in-lab calculations, drawings, observations and Your original data sheet must be initialed by the lab TA at the end of the session!
  • Mechanics (2.5%): Your work should be proofread and spell-checked so that it is free of all spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. Complete sentences are required throughout the entire lab report.
  • Format (5%): The lab report must be typed and all sections should have proper headings.

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