Physical Processes of Digestion Discussion

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Follow the instructions to answer the questions on the BOTH worksheets I attached. Please make sure you do not copy from google.


  • Click: PhysioEX
  • This week, we will be working on Exercise 8 The Process of Digestion
    • Start the Exercise by Clicking “Amylase”
    • A new tab will open with the activity. Note, if the page doesn’t open, you may have to go to your settings and enable Pop-ups.
    • Once in, complete ALL steps required of you. The program will provide instructions along the way, that must be followed. If you get “stuck” it is always because a step was skipped (you might have missed providing an answer or something. Go back and try again.)
    • Once finished with the “Amylase” Activities, go back to the main page and do “Pepsin”, then “Lipase”.
  • For each of the above exercises, you will use the Process of D

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