Physiological Integrity.

Physiological Integrity.

As important and final part of your Formation you are going to Present a
Thesis related with a relevant topic for Nclex Test. It’s going to be
presented by you in front of the Professors Staff and students as well.

The following are the general Instructions and the Topic related to this


Your Leadership presentation : Focus in Nclex.

-Power point 50 slides.

Slide 1:

-Presentation Thesis Title, -Student name,

-School name, Professor name.

-Slide 2 (Table of Contents)

-Slide 3 (Objectives)

-Slides 4 to 50: Class, explanation, information about strategies,
Pictures with explanation.


-Finally; Test with 20 questions with answers and Rationale focus in

-References (APA Style).

-No PDF.


Student: name

Title : Physiological Integrity.

Table of Contents:

-Basic care and Confort.

– Assistive Devices.


-Mobility/ Immobility.

-Non-Pharmacological Comfort Interventions.

-Nutrition and Oral Hydration.

-Personal Hygiene.

-Rest and Sleep.

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