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Health Issue and Analysis. 1 Grand Canyon University-Pub 620 Mabel Haye 08/18/2021


The research includes the overview of the health issue of depression. And includes the in-depth analysis of various factors that result in depression. The research includes the thorough overview of the issue. And the main reasons that promote depression in the developed country of United states. The health issue of depression is among the leading mental health issues that are being faced by people worldwide. In addition, research includes the challenges that are faced by people due to depression.

Description of the public health issue:

The public health issue that is selected includes the issue of depression. The issue of depression is of prime importance because with the passage of time, cases of depression are increasing Worldwide. The issue of the depression is resulting in many problems in people. And people across the World are committing suicides due to the rising cases of depression.

Target community and region:

The research would include the detailed analysis of the health issue in the state of united states of America. The target population is selected because it is ranked among the top nations that are facing the challenge of depression. Youth of the USA is mostly being impacted by the rising cases of depression across the country. Therefore, the region that is selected for the particular health issue is important for the selected community.

Population needs and assets:

According to the research of National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). More than 16.2 million U.S. adults had faced the major issue of depression once in year 2016.

These statics depict that this ratio is nearly equal to 6.7 percent of total youth and adult population of the united states. The statics of depression indicate that ratio of depression is very high in people who have the age range of 18 to 25. And represent the 10.9 percent of the population. These statics indicate that depression is an alarming issue in the country of United states. And the issue of mental health crises is very evident among the youth population.

In addition, the report published by the US central health committee depicts that the ratio of the depression is higher among adult females and the percentage is nearly equal to 8.7% of the total female population in USA. The statics of depression among men is equal to 5.3% of the total male population of USA. Therefore, the research includes the thorough overview of the fact that depression is the current and rising issue in the country of USA (Amer,2019).

Health disparities:

There are various sorts of health disparities that exist in the society of USA that are resulting in increasing trend of rise in cases of depression- There are many sorts of racial factors that could be considered in this research- The research includes the thorough overview of various factors that result in various health disparities in USA. In USA, there are many health disparities that exist including the point that gender minorities suffer from depression because of the anxiety and pressure of the society. There is lack of availability of the excellent quality health care services related to mental health care. Therefore, the discrimination of people on the basic of the gender or colour is another leading factor causing various mental health issues.

Factors that drive those disparities:

Following are the important factors that are resulting in health disparities in cases of depression:

The cultural norms are the prime factor that is driving the disparity in mental health issues. Overall, the culture of the dominance of the majority and differentiation among people on the basis of caste, color or creed, results in rise in cases of depression in the state of USA.

Lack of awareness about the point that mind is an important part of body and its health is as important as all other parts. Lack of proper guidance and awareness among people about the ways to overcome depression is another leading factor that contributes in rise in the cases of depression in USA.

Cultural needs:

The cultural aspects that would be observed in order to carry out the program in the state of USA includes the point that their culture is very modern- The people living in USA have the culture of controlling the environment and being the part of the super power of the World, people their pretend to be very strong- People do not like to share their mental stress and depression with other people there are these issues are resulting in rise in the cades of depression in the state- In addition, it is evident that people belonging to USA prefer the approach of individualism, independence and privacy.

Mental issues like depression are often not properly diagnosed by the patients and it results in further issues for people. People belonging to USA often prefer to compete with others and have the culture of competition therefore they are facing more depression. These factors of culture of USA must be properly considered while drafting the policy of fighting depression in USA (Weinberger, 2018).

Overall challenges and barriers:

Mental health issues like depression are among the leading causes of suicides in the people of USA. It is therefore suggested that people across the World need to spread awareness among people regarding the hazardous impact of depression on the health of human beings. Depression is not treated by the patients in the way in which physical illness is treated. Lack of awareness among people is another important issue that is the biggest challenge in the treatment and diagnosis of depression (Trojjan,2012).


The research included the analysis of the health issue of depression and included the detail about important factors that cause depression.

The research includes the analysis of various factors that caused depression in the developed country of United states- Research included the analysis of the challenges that are being faced by people due to depression. As the culture of the USA is to love freedom and independence, therefore, these factors must be considered thoughtfully-

Mental issues like depression are often not properly diagnosed by the patients and it results in further issues for people.


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Weinberger, A. H., Gbedemah, M., Martinez, A. M., Nash, D., Galea, S., & Goodwin, R. D. (2018). Trends in depression prevalence in the USA from 2005 to 2015: widening disparities in vulnerable groups. Psychological medicine48(8), 1308-1315.

Trojian, T. (2018). Depression is under-recognised in the sport setting: time for primary care sports medicine to be proactive and screen widely for depression symptoms.

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